Christmas Perfumes

Last December, I used up my decant of Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles (“girl in needles,” a resinous, jammy pine), so this year I ordered another. It smells to me like an elegant Christmas forest with accents of Gothic cathedral.

Aftelier’s solid perfume Fir imparts that Christmas tree scent: pure green fir needles.

Slumberhouse Norne smells like jammy fir absolute and the incense-scented forest floor. Luca Turin called it a “feral growl” of a perfume.

Olympic Orchids Seattle Chocolate is dry dark chocolate and darker evergreen woods, with an undercurrent of incense.

Etat Libre d’Orange Noel au Balcon is a playful gourmand, sweet-spiced-honeyed gingerbread, orange zest in the air, and a subtle smooth plastic note that I’ve heard people describe as “plastic dinnerware.” It smells like a holiday party with your fondest friends, and not over Zoom.

Arquiste Nanban is smooth and elegant with its saffron-spiced leather, soft osmanthus, black tea, balsam wood, frankincense and myrrh. Something about it smells like Christmas to me—a very stylish Christmas, like attending a holiday cocktail party wearing suede in taupe and burgundy.

What perfumes and smells do you use to evoke Christmas?

Merry Christmas! I found these cute scratch-and-sniff Christmas cards by La Familia Green at